Alma (アルマ, Aruma) is a freelance Nemesis Hunter and serves as both Seth's mentor and foster mother after suffering from amnesia. She is a major supporting character in the series.


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Alma is an older woman of average height with brown eyes and piercings below her lip, above her right eyebrow and both her ears.

Alma's most defining physical trait is her massive, disheveled head of dark brown hair. Her hair is held together in the form of a massive, unkempt ponytail. She has a white-and-purple scrunchy that sits at the middle, keeping the untamed bush bound.

Alma sports a purple vest over an orange blouse, baggy harem pants, and jester-like shoes on her feet. The woman usually travels with a sash-belt that runs laterally along her body and carries an assortment of potions and other small magical trinkets. Her right arm has been amputated, apparently as a precaution of keeping a strange Nemesis infection from spreading.[1]


Alma's intimidating persona.

Alma is a very stern and authoritarian figure who doesn't take any nonsense from anybody. While she does have the capacity to control her emotion when needed, Alma is prone to fits of violence, and isn't afraid to put that violence to use to pacify some of her misbehaving comrades. The chief recipients to her assaults are usually Seth, Don, and Jiji. Although, she has shown to have more restraint when dealing with either commoners, or people she lacks familiarity with. As seen with her interactions on Islet 21, and refusal of violence even after a rock had been tossed her way. Nevertheless, when irritated enough, she will gladly resorts to threats such as her encounter with Pompo Hill's shopkeeper.

Alma is noted to be extremely intimidating as a result of her forceful nature and short-fuse. She's notably so intimidating that even Yaga, a powerful sorcerer and member of the Coven of the Thirteen, skips town and avoids her when possible for fear of accidentally setting Alma off. In the manga, the civilians also showed intense fear of Alma, as they sought to sneak out of her infirmary even after she spent two days helping them recover from the Nemesis Attack on Pompo Hills.

Alma finally allows herself to cry.

Beneath all the aggression, Alma is sincere and caring, especially to those she consider to be her family or friend. These softer personalities, nonetheless, often show themselves in the form of tough-love. In the rare cases that Alma verbally expresses more intimate feelings, she often makes it more digestible by using sarcasm or comedic violence. This is best shown in Seth's departure where she waits for the boy to be out of view to finally let tears fall from her eyes.


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