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Diabal is a horned man like Seth, who hides deep inside the walls of Caislean Merlin. He uses a magic device to summon "Spectrums", giant projections of anything inside the device, that the Magic Knights take for actual Nemesis.


Diabal is young man with long brown hair and small horns on the top of his head. He has white eye because he is blind. On his body he has multiple traces of abuse and torture hidden by bandages visible on his face, hand and arms. He also has two finger cut halfway in left hand and his middle finger half cut in his right hand.


Diabal is a man with a very paranoid character. Being younger he was naive and carefree but was betrayed by someone he trusted. Which led to its current state. Now he lives hidden and is very wary of anyone.



He is the one who freed him from the clutches of the Inquisition being younger. He raised it and trained him in the subtleties of Fantasia. Only one day when Diabal started asking too many questions he delivered him to the Inquisition where he was tortured and ill-treated. He managed to escape and since then he has been hiding from Piodon for his survival.



Diabal is infected, so he can resist the presence of the Nemesis and use the Fantasia to fight them. In addition, he can wield the Fantasia with his bare hands, which makes him a unique wizard. He nevertheless shares this peculiarity with Seth and others infected like Piodon and Triton.

He also has a special ability, unique to horned infected like him. This consists of a physical transformation which causes black marks to appear on his body, like gangrene. Diabal then gains a tenfold force and can cause violent Fantasia waves.

Finally Diabal is awakened to the shamanic vision. With this ability he compensates for his blindness and sees by feeling the pulsations of Fantasia. However, he is not aware of it and does not know that he can enter the shamanic plane as he pleases.


  • On the back cover of Volume 8, we can see him younger, when he met Piodon.
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