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Piodon (ピオドン, Piodon?) is a member of the Inquisition and member of the current Miracle Makers, the Thaumaturges. Although his position in the Thaumaturges is still unknown.


Piodon's hair is loose and has little horns, just like Seth. He is dressed in a large black tunic and cloak, and wears the hood until the events of Rumble Town, where he reveals himself to Seth. He is dressed in brown trousers, a waistcoat and a little cloak, and a messenger bag. He also wears feathered gloves, although it's common knowledge that the infection allows him to cast spells with his bare hands.

He has a scar in cross shape on his forehead, whose origin is unknown. His resemblance to Seth and his other supposed "brothers" is striking.

Piodon Front view


Not much is known about Piodon personality, but he seems to be very interesting in learning what people fight for and who they are fighting for. He also seems to agree about General torque ideology of changing the world on his own.



He is, in theory, Seth's older brother. Seth doesn't know anything about Piodon and doesn't trust him. At their first meeting, he offers to awake Seth's consciousness of Fantasia, in order to duplicate his power. The young man accepts despite his skepticism, which he bitterly regret later. The intervention of Piodon awoke in Seth a kind of black and evil force with unknown origins. When this force takes over Seth, he loses control of himself and no longer distinguishes friends from enemies.

After that Seth is able to see Piodon in his "dreams" but, fearing the worst will happen, he asks Piodon to leave and don't ever come back.


He would also be Piodon's brother. He says he was manipulated by Piodon, who taught him to use the Fantasia to resurrect this black force then led him to be tortured by the Inquisition. Diabal came out with significant physical and mental sequelae, and now is afraid of Piodon, to the point of not even trying to fight it.

Mistaking Seth for Piodon, he attempted to kill him when they first meet.


The third known "brother" of Piodon. Not much is said about him, except that Piodon was the one responsible for awakening his blackness and he was seen by Diabal fighting in a battle at Vivacyne. It is unknown if he's still alive.



  • On the back cover of Volume 8, we can see him younger, when he met Diabal.
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