Radiant (ラディアン, Radian) is a manga written and illustrated by Tony Valente. It began serialization in July 2013 under Ankama Éditions.

An animated television adaptation by Lerche was announced in January 2018 and began airing on October 06, 2018. A second season was announced in February 2019 and will begin airing in October 2019.


In a fantastic universe, monsters called Nemesis, fall from the sky. The origin of these monsters remains unknown, but one thing is certain, they do not exist for any goodness. Fortunately, the men and women of the series are organizing a fight against these creatures. These individuals are infected and rejected by society, often as feared as the "creatures" themselves. Yet they are the only protection against this threat. They are known as the Sorcerers!

According to some rumors, these monsters would fall from a nest of Nemesis called "Radiant". Seth, a brave man and a stubborn young sorcerer, aims to find this nest whose existence is still uncertain.


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