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Sorcerers, or Wizards, are a rare class of humans who were miraculous able to survive contact with a Source Nemesis. Upon contact, they find themselves afflicted with a unique curse, and subsequently able to gather Fantasia for use in magical spells.


For most of the world, sorcery is a source of great contempt and fear. The emergence of sorcery came to the public eye exactly after the Nemesis threat, and thus the denizens of Pharenos typically relate sorcerers with the demonic fiends that fall from the skies. To them, the mere existence of magic has been nothing but trouble, and as such, sorcerers are typically persecuted, especially by the Inquisition.

In time, various urban legends has spread along the population, suggesting a sorcerer's power to be innately evil in nature. These falsehoods coupled with various villainous wizards have only served to reinforce public opinion over the cursed humans. While most areas are either neutral or hostile, there are few areas where sorcerers are able to live in peace, such as the Artemis Institute, and Caislean Merlin.

Types of Sorcerers

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The art of wizardry is a wide-ranging profession with a number of different applications. To this end, most wizards are placed into specific roles or professions in which they excel in. Based on these particular specialties, they're afforded a variety of different skills or area of expertise. Among these specialties, there are often several sub-categories, that further differentiate one wizard from another.


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Researchers are Sorcerers that is more interested in the pursuit of knowledge and scholarly tasks, than engaging in combat. Their main purpose involve gathering information about Nemesis, and other fantasia-related phenomenons, such as infections, or even Feather Trees. A researcher typically acts in tandem with a hunter in order to minimize the risk of gathering Nemesis test specimens.


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Hunters are a type of Wizard that's goes about hunting Nemeses. Their skill set revolves around either slaying the fiendish creatures, or subduing them for capture. As such, most of their spells are highly powered offensive spells, or magical abilities meant to bind and trap their target.


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Healers are sorcerers that appear to focus primarily on using Fantasia to rejuvenate damaged body parts, and give medical aid. Not much is currently known about this profession.


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Dormitors are a special class of Wizards that have devised means to control Nemesis via fantasia. Through their mind control, dormitors are able to direct Source Nemeses as well as their Echo offspring. As a result, this brand of wizardry is noted to be particularly dangerous, as with enough time, a single Sorcerer may be able to amass their own personal army. More over, dormitors are difficult to track due to the fact that it isn't necessary to be within the immediate vicinity to dictate their thralls' actions.

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