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Ullmina Bagliore (ウルミナ・バグリオーレ, Urumina Baguriōre?) is a member of the Inquisition and Commander of the current Miracle Makers, the Thaumaturges.


Ullmina has golden eyes and long blonde hair. Her hair parts in the center, revealing a prominent Inquisition insignia tattoo on her forehead, and is braided to carry an Inquisition crest just below her chest. She wears a white, long-sleeved dress with a high collar, a short flared skirt, and black stripes across the collar and the edges of the sleeves and skirt.


She acts very religious and naive on the outside, however she is a lot perverted on the inside. With a perverse body language and vocal tone she always makes suggestive comments that often alludes to something dirty. Her masochistic nature was revealed when she was fighting Seth in the final battle of the Anime's second season. She also becomes emotionally unstable when she is not able to get what she wants. This is evident when she cries and throws a tantrum, repeatedly saying that she wants the pain after Seth was saved by Melie and the others.

In Chapter 104 it is seen that he has developed an obsession with obtaining Seth to the point of threatening Dart Dragunov into delivering Seth to him.


Her miracle allows her to revive any living being in a certain area, for a certain amount of time. "Patrem Inquisitor, Institutor Of The Miracle, May Your Light Guide The Lost."